The Exceptional Adventures of Seyfettin Efendi (Mini series – 96 pages – 5 books planned, 3 books published in Turkish)

General genre is Conan Doyle meets Jules Verne. At the end of the supernatural cases our team logical since fiction explaning. Like Scooby Doo.

General theme:

In 1920′s Istanbul, a team of five members assigned by the government investigates series of mysterious cases. An intellectual detective Seyfettin Efendi, coroner Aziz bey, wrestler İsmail, hitman Esat and finally a woman character inventor Munevver.

In these cases we see impostors, false prophets, mad scientists and cults and also some living legends of the time such as Tesla, Hemingway, Picasso etc. We have steam-punk & diesel-punk technological innovations and inventions.

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